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Restored: A September 11 survivor’s story

If you could imagine being at the center of a catastrophic event and facing your mortality,
what would go through your mind? Hear the gripping story of Lieutenant Colonel Brian
Birdwell, the only survivor from the location closest to impact at the Pentagon on 9/11. It
wasn’t his military training that enabled him to face death with courage, but his…

Peace that endures

When music artist Ilonka was just 12 years old, she was betrayed by a trusted adult in the
worst possible way. Discover how the message of salvation brought Ilonka’s hidden pain
into the light driving her straight into the loving arms of the Lord. Now she lives and
performs for an audience of One, Jesus, as she helps lead others…

When life comes to a standstill

When the diagnosis comes so hard and fast that you can hardly breathe, where do you turn?
Hear how the power of a loving God and the ongoing support of His people helped Vivian
battle cancer. It’s a journey no one should take alone. We need God. We need friends. Find
strength to endure no matter what you’re facing.

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The Compassion of Jesus

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Displaying the character of Christ is not always easy, especially in a society that promotes selfish ambition. In this booklet, Dr. Vernon Grounds brings clarity to the meaning of compassion as he examines the life of Jesus. Discover how you can become a channel of God’s love and kindness when you follow the example of Christ—the One whose compassion never…

Stories of God at Work

What can a Mom say when her young son comes to her in tears because he's overwhelmed with life? Listen as author, mother, and Discover the Word guest Tracey Bianchi tells Elisa Morgan and Mart DeHaan how she responded. You'll find the entire week of conversations they had about Psalm 46 and "God's Peace in Life's Chaos" on the Discover the Word website.

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