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A broken heart mended – Gerard's Story

Gerard was a gifted athlete, successful businessman, and the head of a prominent Christian ministry. But nothing he had accomplished could prepare him for the death of his teenage son. Discover how God’s grace carried Gerard through his season of pain and grief.

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A sanctuary in their suffering–Ron & Joanie’s Story

What happens when you’re operating in pure survival mode? When all your energy goes to simply getting through your day? Ron and Joanie share the tremendous challenges they faced and the miracle they needed in order to overcome. Hear how a Vietnam vet with panic disorder and a nurse on the brink of death received a new perspective on life.…

Dead man breathing–Russell’s Story

Some people run from God, others try to climb away. But what happens when, in making that climb, you lose your grip? Suddenly death is staring at you from the chasm below. Author and mountaineer Russell Fralick shares how he came to saving faith in Jesus Christ through a near-death experience on a steep Norwegian mountain face.

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Is Jesus God?

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Jesus. Many say He was a great teacher, others claim He was a fraud. Jesus Himself said He was God. To better understand who He is and why He walked the earth, you need to turn to the Bible. Is Jesus God? The Answer Matters searches the Old and New Testament for evidence, as well as the observations of eyewitnesses and Jesus’…

Stories of God at Work

Luke Michaels is a teenager who is serious about his faith. He knew the love of Jesus at a young age, and he wanted to share that love with others—especially youth. He began to pray every day that God would use him in a big way. Luke says, “I didn’t know when He would answer this prayer. And I never knew He would answer it like this.” God answered Luke’s prayers and gave him a platform to reach countless others with the message of trusting in God no matter what.

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