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The depth of God’s mercy

What do you do when the inconceivable happens and forgiveness seems impossible? Can
you trust the Lord who promises to judge righteously? Hear of God’s intervention into the
lives of two different families that encountered sins most of us would consider too horrific to
be forgiven. Learn how the depth and breadth of the Lord’s mercy becomes the key to…

Better than gold

Discover how Olympians Elana and Judy discovered a prize better than the gold medal. After a
tragic accident left Judy a quadriplegic, depression tried to rob her of her dreams and
purpose. A performance-driven life left Elana hopeless and exhausted when the end
results were not what she’d expected. Don’t miss these two courageous stories of discovering
the greater prize…

Are you there, God? Do you hear me?

Have you ever asked the question, “What did I ever do to deserve this?” Karen did, over and over.  Her life was filled with trauma and drama including domestic abuse, her mother’s suicide, addiction, and severed relationships. Anger and guilt consumed her until she surrendered all to Christ. Listen to Karen’s story and discover how to be released from the…

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Why : Seeing God in Our Pain

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We normally think of pain and suffering as bad, and we do our best to avoid them. But since they are inevitable parts of life, maybe we should adjust our thinking. Instead of grumbling about our problems or blaming someone else, let’s look to the Bible to see how God uses our trials to draw us closer to Him. Why? Seeing…

Stories of God at Work

Erin felt lingering pain and emptiness after her parents’ divorce, which led to an eating disorder and tendency to cut herself. She eventually learned that God’s love was the only thing that could fill the void in her life and take those broken pieces to create something beautiful. God gave Erin a heart for Haiti, where she is serving as an elementary education teacher. Erin finds little victories every day and says, “I want to bring to them the same healing and hope that I found in Christ.”

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