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Living for eternity

When Melody’s 20-year-old daughter died instantly in a car accident, the only thought
that brought her comfort was that her child was now with Jesus. Learn how God gave
purpose to Melody’s grief and launched a passion for living with an eternal perspective.
Find purpose in the midst of loss.

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Blindsided, but not without hope

No parent is ever prepared for a prodigal child. So when their kids went astray, James
and Cari were caught completely off guard. Hear their story of tragedy and hope, as one
family waits for God to bring their children home. Be encouraged to trust God with what’s
most precious to you.

God wanted all of me

Just nine days after what was supposed to be a routine surgery, Bryan was told that his
young wife, Ami, a mother of three, wouldn’t live through the night. What happened next
would change their lives forever – demonstrating the power of God to transform hearts and
beat impossible odds! Discover the freedom that comes when you surrender all to God.

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The Mind of Christ : Experiencing the Joy of the Christlike Difference

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The Bible says that Christians are to be different—to positively influence the world rather than conform to it. Author Bill Crowder helps you to gain a better understanding of how you can reflect the attitude of Christ in your life. Discover how to refresh your thoughts with wisdom and season your words with grace. Experience the difference in what you’re…

Stories of God at Work

Katey and Kendra were running buddies, roommates, and best friends. They had that special bond friends share that unites them for a lifetime. But a terrible, wintry car accident changed that. Kendra was killed on impact, but Katey was left with not only difficult physical trauma but also the emotional scars that she survived the same accident that killed her best friend. Friends and family rejoiced in Katey’s physical progress, but all she could think about was “every step reminds you that she died, and you lived.” As she processed the grief, Katey realized that all she could do was…

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