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God’s love never fails

Domestic abuse occurs in homes across the world, including the homes of people who profess to follow Christ. Sharon’s season of terror began on her honeymoon, while Marie’s started while she was dating her boyfriend. These two women were held captive by fear but still held on to hope, pleading that God would provide a way out. Find out how…

God’s Will, God’s Child

For just a moment imagine being an 11-year-old child who is forced to leave behind everything you've ever known—including your parents. In order to escape persecution, you must flee into an unknown world. As a Korean refugee, Sang Bok found himself impoverished and alone. Discover how a loving God transformed Sang Bok’s life as the Lord orchestrated provision after provision in an…

The Lord has plans in the midst of trouble

What do you do when life takes you in a direction you never expected to go? Both Keven and Cynthia had plans: Keven to have a career as a welder, and Cynthia to raise her children well following her divorce. Discover how tragedy derailed both of their plans only to learn that God had a far better purpose for their…

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The Strength of Weakness : God's Power Where We Least Expect It

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So often we spend time trying to either overcome or hide our weaknesses. But what if our weaknesses are the very places God wants to display His power in our lives? “It is only in Scripture that we are encouraged to embrace our weaknesses and through them experience a power that we could never know otherwise,” writes author Dan Schaeffer.…

Stories of God at Work

Tim Shaw’s journey touches lives and teaches us all about going full speed ahead despite insurmountable odds, and doing it with integrity and honor. Find inspiration to grow your faith—in life’s storms or in calm waters—in the Our Daily Bread daily devotional email, mobile app, or free print subscription.



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