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“I’ve been unfaithful” – Forgiving infidelity

Even good marriages are not immune from adultery. Like a thief in the night, it can steal,
kill, and destroy. The reality is that most couples don’t survive an adulterous affair. But
some, like Gary and Mona, do. Find out how a decision to stay and a commitment to be
honest with God and each other allowed this marriage to survive infidelity.

From shattered to secure

As a wife, Carol experienced her worst fear, her husband’s infidelity. And while it caused deep emotional pain for her and her three sons, she would discover that there is life after adultery. And not just life; but abundant life. One that’s filled with God’s redemptive purposes. Discover hope after heartbreak. And how nothing can separate you from God’s love.

Finding freedom from the trap of pornography

Pornography is an addiction that is easily fueled in our sex-saturated culture. Lives
unraveled by a lure so strong it has the power to destroy families and ruin lives. Jerry’s
and Mickey’s addictions had cost each of them dearly. But there is a power that is so
much greater and offers hope to those struggling with this destructive habit. Learn how
God’s grace, and the accountability of others, helped both men to find the freedom they
desperately sought.

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Grace for Troubled Minds

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In this webinar we will explore some of the unique challenges that Christian families face when trying to help a family member who struggles with some form of mental illness.

Stories of God at Work

Katey and Kendra were running buddies, roommates, and best friends. They had that special bond friends share that unites them for a lifetime. But a terrible, wintry car accident changed that. Kendra was killed on impact, but Katey was left with not only difficult physical trauma but also the emotional scars that she survived the same accident that killed her best friend. Friends and family rejoiced in Katey’s physical progress, but all she could think about was “every step reminds you that she died, and you lived.” As she processed the grief, Katey realized that all she could do was…

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