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“Are you there God? Do you see me?”

Christian music artist Tammy Trent’s faith in Jesus was her firm foundation but that desire for an authentic, growing relationship with God was tested when the unimaginable happened. It caused her to ask God questions like, “Do you see me?” “Do you hear me?” “Are you even there?” Discover how in the midst of tragedy God is near to the brokenhearted.

People don’t understand—I was trapped

For most of us it’s impossible to imagine being fifteen years old and lured into a world of human trafficking. This was Leslie’s life for more than twenty years until she prayed a desperate prayer—one that Jesus answered in a powerful and profound way. Be inspired by Leslie’s courageous story as God uses her to reach out to others ensnared in prostitution.

Love can overcome our guilt and shame

When Christina became pregnant outside of marriage, she was surprised by her parents’ support. Still, shame consumed her until she experienced God’s forgiveness. When Sally embarked on a journey of self-discovery and got pregnant, she found herself alone and frightened until she found her true identity in Christ. Learn how God can turn the toughest situations around for good.

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What is the Promise of Marriage?

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Everyone enters marriage with a set of expectations—the promise of happiness, security, intimacy, and mutual care. David Egner shares wisdom from Scripture to help you renew and rekindle the promise of marriage. Find out what the Bible has to say about marriage and how it impacts your expectations, motives, and faith in God.

Stories of God at Work

Joshua and Grace were raised to know the love of God and to put their trust in Him. When their mother had a bad fall resulting in a traumatic brain injury and three major operations, that faith was put to the test. But through all the challenges and questions, God gave them peace. Grace said, “Through my pain and sorrow, I have learned to praise Him in the storms because He will be the One to calm the seas. And eventually, God will make things right.”

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