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Replacing ugly lies with the beauty of the Truth
–Doris’ Story

December 26, 2014

Hidden and isolated from the world, Doris grew up in a polygamist family, often held hostage by fear, lies, and abuse. Learn how she discovered the true freedom only found in Jesus Christ! Find freedom from what’s holding you hostage.

Find out more of what the Bible says about “How To Identify A Dangerous Religious Group.

We would like to thank KEY Radio in Provo, Utah, for partnering with us for this week’s program.

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The songs of Christmas come to life
–Christmas Program

December 19, 2014 branches

For many of us, Christmas carols bring back powerful memories of holidays gone by. But many of these songs have their own intriguing history. Join us for a special Christmas…

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When your spouse doesn’t believe
–Adell & Clyde’s Story

December 12, 2014 Adelle_Dickenson_C

Marriage isn’t always easy. But when you’re married to a spouse who is not a believer the relationship can be even more challenging. Adell and Clyde describe how their marriage…

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“It’s the first time I ever felt loved”
–Beckie’s Story

December 5, 2014 Beckie-Francis-c

By suppressing the trauma of childhood abuse, Beckie thought she had long since moved on with her life. Discover how Beckie found the love, healing, and acceptance she’d been looking…

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Christ’s love conquers guilt and shame
–Michelle’s Story

November 28, 2014 michellek

Many people believe that slavery doesn’t exist in the modern world. But the truth is children are bought and sold into slavery every single day. Michelle describes the heartbreaking plight…

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