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Finding hope in one of life’s toughest struggles
–Larry & Lisa’s Story

September 12, 2014

As parents, we all want to have strong, healthy children. But in our fallen world, that’s not always the case. Hear about God’s miraculous provision for Lisa and Larry following the birth of their third child.

Find out more of what the Bible says about “Out of the Ashes: God’s Presence in Job’s Pain.”

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A Hindu child’s faith in God is ignited
–Monique’s Story

September 5, 2014 Monique

The Bible never promises that life will be easy when we choose to follow Christ. But through it all, God is right there beside us even when we don’t feel…

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Finding rescue and restoration
–Gary’s Story

August 29, 2014 gary

You don’t start out in life planning to live on the streets. After an abusive childhood and two failed marriages, Gary found himself without a home and without hope. But…

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There’s wholeness on the other side of brokenness
–Pamela’s Story

August 22, 2014 Pamela

In the midst of your struggles, it’s easy to feel that God doesn’t care about what you’re going through. When Pamela’s marriage began to crumble and it seemed as if…

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With God on your side nothing is impossible!
–Titi’s Story

August 15, 2014 heaven

Most of us will never live under intense persecution for our faith. But growing up in Communist Romania meant that persecution was a daily ritual for Titi. Find out how…

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