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“Are you there God? Do you see me?”
–Tammy’s Story


The unexpected loss of a loved one can turn our entire life upside down. The world as we know it has changed forever. Where do we turn when overwhelming grief surrounds us? Christian music artist Tammy Trent shares her inspiring story of choosing to hope in Christ in the midst of an unimaginable crisis. Find…

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A living stone
–Colleen’s Story


Some decisions we make alter the course of our life forever. Colleen thought she’d moved on after her abortion, but years later the weight of her guilt became too much to bear. Learn how God met Colleen in her sorrow, and brought healing and restoration to her life. Find out more of what the Bible says…

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Abortion Survivor, Adoptee, Child of the Living God
–Claire’s Story


Many adopted children search for their birth parents later in life. The experience can bring healing and restoration. But Claire found more than reconnection with her mother, she discovered the shocking details of an abortion gone wrong. You’ll be inspired by Claire’s dramatic hope-filled story of God’s divine intervention. Find out more about what the…

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The reward of transparency
–Craig’s Story


Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your life and consider “where you are” as opposed to “where God wants you to be”? Discover how God helped Craig deal with the deep issues of honesty and transparency and, as a result, give hope to countless other families. Find out more of what the Bible…

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