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Leaving a lasting impression
–James’ Story


While most children reflect the patterns they see in their parents, Jim was determined to live differently. His resolve failed him as he got older. Discover how Jim found hope and the strength to change when he learned to rely on Jesus. An encouraging reminder of the transforming power of grace. Learn what the Bible…

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He found the “something more” he was looking for!
–Stanley’s Story


Even the most satisfying things in life can leave us feeling empty and wanting more. Be encouraged as Stanley describes his elusive search for contentment on earth, and how God met him right where he was at. If you’re looking for “something more” join us to find the key to satisfying the desires of your heart….

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Meeting God’s expectations for the day
–Linda’s Story


At the end of a busy day, how often do you ask God if you’ve met His expectations? Discover the Lord’s amazing work in Linda and Jennifer’s lives as their desire to please God became their focus in the aftermath of a devastating car accident. Don’t miss this inspirational story of faith and healing. For…

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