Archives: May 2013

Making peace with their past–Mark & Lisa’s Story

The more they focused on each other, the more they lost focus on the Lord. But an unplanned pregnancy became the catalyst for Mark and Lisa to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy. Find out how one couple learned that God can use our poor choices to draw us to Him, and to impact the lives of others.

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A heartwarming example of answered prayers–Brian & Dana’s Story, Part 2 of 2

When Brian’s wife passed away he was certain he’d never find happiness again. Dana desired a family of her own, but a birth defect made it impossible for her to have children. Find out how God brought this man and woman together in an astonishing way.

Find more of what the Bible says about "when hope is lost."

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Hanging on by a thread when all you want to do is fall–Brian's Story, Part 1 of 2

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when Brian’s wife suddenly passed away after the birth of their second daughter, he seriously considered suicide. Hear how God intervened and brought Brian through devastating grief. No matter what you’re dealing with today, there’s hope!

Find out more of what the Bible says about "when hope is lost."

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Learning to hear the heart of God–Marion Stroud’s Story

Whether you work full time, or stay home with your children, your life is often filled with responsibility and chaos. Find the freedom to say yes to God even when you think you couldn’t possibly take on another task. Discover how Marion found “Words To Live By” as she answered God’s call beyond what she thought she could handle.


Following in our Father’s footsteps – Craig’s Story

Matthew 28:19 says we’re to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Perhaps you want to share your faith but don’t know where to start. Craig shares how he took Jesus’ command to heart and began working with a local mission in the Chicago area. Encouragement for spreading the gospel!

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