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A church behind the walls

Arguably perhaps one of the greatest reasons for needing to share the Scriptures comes from the New Testament’s book of Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” And because of that truth we know that all of us need Jesus. Best of all, as Jerry and David's stories are going to remind us,…

Healing homelessness with community

When Alan Graham’s life was transformed by his relationship with Jesus, he knew he
wanted to help others experience the same love and forgiveness that he’d received. But
when this successful entrepreneur had the desire to go out and change the world, he
discovered that in the process he was also being changed.

Discover how to see beyond the holiday traditions…

Reconciled marriages and transformed lives

Each couples’ marriage started out with such promise, but unfortunately it didn’t take long before poor choices and devastating circumstances shattered the futures they’d envisioned. While they had given up hope, God hadn’t. Be encouraged that no marriage—and no one—is without hope of transformation or for reconciliation with Jesus in the center of their lives.

Discover what the Bible has to…