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Healing from indescribable pain
–Joe & Debbie’s Story


A parent’s worst nightmare, losing three children in the blink of an eye. Hear how tragedy is turned into victory when Joe and Debbie learned to lean on God in their darkest hour. Whether you’ve lost a family member, or are going through a season of grief, God can give incredible peace through devastating heartache.

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Finding restoration with God after an abortion
– Bob’s Story

All of us have made decisions we regret. Sometimes the consequences of those decisions stay with us for a lifetime. Bob found forgiveness and peace when he finally accepted God’s forgiveness for his mistakes. Discover the hope available for anyone trying to escape regrets of the past! We would like to thank KLCV Radio in…

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8000 miles: Stepping out in faith
– Albert’s Story


Albert’s desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ led him to leave his homeland of Zimbabwe to study at a Christian college in the U.S. Even though he had little funding and no clear plan of how his dream would be fulfilled, he stepped out in faith to see God provide in…

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Trusting God with uncertainty
– Jolene’s Story


It’s easy to trust God when things are going well. But when you’re faced with an uncertain future, where do you turn? Discover how God not only provided comfort and strength to Jolene as she dealt with her son’s medical complications but also helped her reach out to others. We would like to thank KTIS…

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A secret shame revealed allows God’s healing
– Morna’s Story


When Morna was sexually assaulted on her college campus, she vowed never to tell a soul. But years later, a family tragedy brought her secret to light. Discover how God brought healing to Morna and her entire family. We would like to thank KMBI Radio in Spokane, Washington, for partnering with us on this week’s…

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