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Compassion, Service
–Craig’s Story


Matthew 28:19 says we’re to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Perhaps you want to share your faith but don’t know where to start. Craig shares how he took this command to heart and began working with a local mission in the Chicago area.

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The Bible, Witnessing
–Brent’s Story


Brent and his wife stepped out in faith on a trip to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They had no idea who would receive the copies of the Bible they secretly handed out, or that God would use their obedience in an unexpected way. 

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Salvation, Witnessing

As a US soldier stationed in Korea during the war, Carl faced many battles. Perhaps his most important fight, however, was getting his Korean houseboy, Billy, to the safety of the United States. The journey of these two friends would later impact a nation. (Part 2 of 2)

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Witnessing, Commitment

Albert and Lilian were committed to telling others about Jesus Christ, even if it meant risking their lives. On this weekend’s Words To Live By, they’ll tell how God met their needs as they shared the gospel in the streets of Calcutta and abroad.

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Witnessing, Salvation

Mark grew up under the shadow of alcoholism and abuse. He would later fall into the same trap of addiction as he tried to numb his own pain and fear. It wasn’t until Mark was shown Christlike love that he knew he’d found the hope he’d been longing for his entire life.

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