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God’s indescribable mercy can overcome abortion’s overwhelming pain–Kathy’s Story

What decision have you made that you wish you could go back and change? Perhaps you’re harboring deep regrets right now. Learn how God’s healing mercy supported Kathy through her sorrow and gave her the courage to help others find the same healing.

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Finally, the freedom to talk about this–Lance & Shirley’s Story

There are decisions we make in life that have a much different outcome than what we were expecting. Lance and Shirley made a choice many years ago that left them longing to break through the quiet agony of abortion. Learn how one couple found hope and healing through God’s mercy and grace.

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Finding restoration with God after an abortion – Bob’s Story

All of us have made decisions we regret. Sometimes the consequences of those decisions stay with us for a lifetime. Bob found forgiveness and peace when he finally accepted God’s forgiveness for his mistakes. Discover the hope available for anyone trying to escape regrets of the past!

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Is it possible for peace to follow an incomprehensible loss? – Paulette’s Story

We hear about child abductions on the news, we see them portrayed in movies, but we never think it could happen to our children. Paulette shares the strength and comfort she found in the Scriptures after the unthinkable happened to her son.

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God provides joy amidst even the most difficult seasons of life–Cheryl’s Story

Sometimes finding hope to face another day can be difficult. When Cheryl’s daughter began to show signs of learning disabilities, and the doctors had no answers, she found an answer of a different kind in the Scriptures.

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Finding a renewed purpose in life–Judy’s Story

Judy was an active young woman, preparing for college and ready to take on the next stage of her life when a tragic accident left her a quadriplegic and seemingly brought her dreams to an end. Discover how God fulfilled Judy’s dreams in an unexpected way.

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Think forgiveness is impossible? You may want to think again–John’s Story

God’s grace and forgiveness covers all our sin and shame. John found out no matter what you’ve done, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, God has a plan for your life.

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Breaking free from the bondage of abuse–Brenetia’s Story

After more than seventeen years of abuse, Brenetia was filled with hatred and bitterness. Hear how God gave Brenetia freedom from her past, and healing through His Word. No matter what you’ve been through, freedom can be yours in Jesus Christ.

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A heavenly Father for the fatherless–Michael & Rachel’s Story

No matter what mistakes or poor choices you’ve made, you’ll never be out of God’s reach! Find encouragement as you discover how God changed Michael’s life forever in this powerful story of redemption.

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Discovering strength and grace in Christ–Amber’s Story

No matter what you’re facing today—a financial difficulty, a struggling relationship, a medical set back—God is ever-present in the midst of your trials! You’ll sense God’s grace and presence as Amber tells us about her battle with Cystic Fibrosis.