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What man destroys . . . God rebuilds
– Kaye and Earl’s Story


Traumatic events can turn hearts to stone and change the people we love into complete strangers. But God’s grace overwhelms even the most unyielding objects and reunites lives that have been torn apart. Hear how God brought Kaye and Earl back together nearly four decades after tragic circumstances led to their divorce. Find out more…

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Prayer, Adversity
–Joanna’s Story


Even as a child, Joanna knew that Jesus would never leave her, and that the love and strength of her parents would always be there. These assurances would grow in their significance when an accident changed her life forever.  How do you handle those unexpected moments when life seems cruel? Hear how God answered Joanna’s prayers in a way she never imagined.

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Prayer, Witnessing
–Patti’s Story

A horrific car accident changed Patti’s life forever. But when death knocked on Patti’s door, the power of prayer prevailed. This weekend, join us for her gripping story of…

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