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Experiencing the grace of God and overcoming a powerful addiction–Phil and Kathy’s Story

Perhaps you need a second chance today. Phil had a good life, but when an injury forced him into early retirement from police work, he found himself . . .

Finding relief from your sorrow–Virginia’s Story

Has life thrown you one tragedy after another, and you can’t seem to find relief from the sorrow? . . .

Finding God’s faithfulness during hardship–Edna’s Story

No matter what circumstances or hardships appear on the horizon, God’s faithfulness endures through it all . . .

Restoring your relationship to God following abortion–Bob’s Story

Perhaps you’re beating yourself up over the regrets of your past. All of us have made decisions we regret. And sometimes the consequences . . .

Find healing from the deep scars of abortion–Janie’s Story

Perhaps you’re struggling to put a painful memory behind you. While some scars are self-inflicted, others . . .

Only God can turn curses into blessings–Kim’s Story

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Kim learned that God can turn what we consider a curse, into an incredible blessing. Blind since the age of three, Kim trusted God with her disability . . .

Salvation–Marlin's Story

When God calls you to do something out of your comfort zone, do you jump at the opportunity? Or do you hold back, unsure whether or not to trust His plans for you? Marlin made a decision to follow God no matter where He leads.

God's Provision, Praise–Donald and Theresa's Story

When danger is at your doorstep, praising God is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Donald and Theresa share their intense story of God’s provision and answer to prayer in the midst of deadly circumstances.

Prayer, Adversity–Joanna's Story

Even as a child, Joanna knew that Jesus would never leave her, and that the love and strength of her parents would always be there. These assurances would grow in their significance when an accident changed her life forever.  How do you handle those unexpected moments when life seems cruel? Hear how God answered Joanna's prayers in a way she never imagined.

The Bible, God's Provision–Fiodor's Story

While serving a mandatory tour of duty in the Russian army, Fiodor prayed for a then-forbidden copy of the Bible to feed and sustain him. The answer to that prayer would come in an extraordinary way.