Tags: belief

Fear, Trust

Debbie’s fear and shyness were painful and crippling. When fear has you in its grip, what can break you free?

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Health, Faith

While Deborah was facing the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she prayed that God would spare her from what might lay ahead. And while God didn’t take away the

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Submission, Trust

The plans Nathan made for his life didn’t bring him the satisfaction and recognition he imagined it would. It wasn’t until he released control of those plans to God that he found what he had been missing.

When Terry lost his job, he lost his sense of purpose and self-worth. When he gave up control of his own agenda, the Lord blessed him in a way Terry never imagined.

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Prayer, Trust

Wanda believed she had to be “good enough” before she could approach God in prayer when life got rough. That belief changed drastically as she drew closer to the Lord, and through the

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Trusting God, Health

The essential truth that God is in control would serve as a source of comfort and perspective for Rick and Judy as they faced

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