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“Please, take my life!”–Alexandra’s Story Part 2 of 2

There are some events in life that no one could survive in their own strength. Hear the remarkable story of how God intervened to rescue a young orphan girl from the devastation and despair of a Nazi labor camp. The inspiring conclusion of Alexandra’s story.

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The evils of war are no match for the love of Jesus–Alexandra’s Story Part 1 of 2

God promises to never leave our side. But is it possible to feel His presence even inside a Nazi labor camp? Hear the personal account of a young orphan girl who survived the horror of World War II. It’s a testament of how God’s love can penetrate the darkest places in our lives.

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Turning to God during the difficult seasons of life–Miriam’s Story Part 1 of 2

When the doctor pronounces the worst and diagnoses the disease as fatal, where do you turn? Miriam and Bob turned to God and He faithfully carried them through the most difficult season of their lives.

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His strength in our weakness–Greg & Katie’s Story

If an unimaginable loss occurred in your life where would you run for healing? Discover how a foundation built on faith in Jesus Christ sustained Greg & Katie following the heartbreaking loss of their child. Sense God’s faithfulness and presence in the midst of deep pain and grief.

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“This is the captain, please brace for impact . . .”–Chris & Karin’s Story

When Chris and Karin’s jet left the airport, they thought they were simply headed home. Yet just three minutes into their flight they heard those dreaded words . . . “brace for impact!” You’ll be inspired by the courage, faith, and prayers of this young couple who relied on God in the midst of tragedy.

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“I wasn’t gonna let anybody hurt me again”–Donna’s Story

Few things challenge our faith in God any more than human suffering. And when you or a loved one is going through a difficult struggle with health, it can be overwhelming. Donna shares how God worked in her life while caring for a sick family member, and through her own struggle with Bell’s Palsy.

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Finding comfort in God’s arms following an unexpected tragedy–Jan’s Story

Like any parent, Jan had hopes and dreams for her daughter Cheri’s future. But when Cheri entered college, she moved farther and farther away from her relationship with God. Hear one parent’s story of faith as her prodigal daughter searched to find her way home.

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A heartwarming example of answered prayers–Brian & Dana’s Story, Part 2 of 2

When Brian’s wife passed away he was certain he’d never find happiness again. Dana desired a family of her own, but a birth defect made it impossible for her to have children. Find out how God brought this man and woman together in an astonishing way.

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Meeting God’s expectations for the day–Linda’s Story

At the end of a busy day, how often do you ask God if you’ve met His expectations? Discover the Lord’s amazing work in Linda and Jennifer’s lives as their desire to please God became their focus in the aftermath of a devastating car accident. Don’t miss this inspirational story of faith and healing.

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Finding forgiveness and freedom in Christ following a disturbing loss–Christina’s Story

Who do you turn to when the unthinkable happens? Christina found healing and a renewed sense of purpose after the loss of her son. The journey toward forgiveness isn’t easy, but with God’s help it can bring freedom from the past that haunts us.

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