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Hope for broken marriages – Rick and Sara’s Story

A healthy marriage doesn’t happen by accident. It takes hard work to build trust and intimacy. And when that trust is broken, it’s difficult to put the pieces back together. Rick and Sara tell how a fractured relationship was made whole by God.

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There’s wholeness on the other side of brokenness–Pamela’s Story

In the midst of your struggles, it’s easy to feel that God doesn’t care about what you’re going through. When Pamela’s marriage began to crumble and it seemed as if all was lost, God revealed His faithfulness to her. Find the power to walk forward during your own trials, as you hear Pamela’s encouraging story.

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A fragile identity solidified–Renee’s Story

As a biracial child in the 1970s, Renee was the recipient of intense bullying. And after being sexually assaulted as a teen, her life seemed to spin out of control. Renee shares how God pulled her back from the brink of self-destruction and revealed her true identity and value through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Facing the agony that engulfed her–Marjorie’s Story

Sometimes the twists and turns on life’s road can cause us to question God or the path He’s laid out for us. Marjorie recounts how God led her safely down an unknown and unpredictable road after she lost her husband and her son in the same year.

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God’s indescribable mercy can overcome abortion’s overwhelming pain–Kathy’s Story

What decision have you made that you wish you could go back and change? Perhaps you’re harboring deep regrets right now. Learn how God’s healing mercy supported Kathy through her sorrow and gave her the courage to help others find the same healing.

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Finally, the freedom to talk about this–Lance & Shirley’s Story

There are decisions we make in life that have a much different outcome than what we were expecting. Lance and Shirley made a choice many years ago that left them longing to break through the quiet agony of abortion. Learn how one couple found hope and healing through God’s mercy and grace.

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Self-worth is illuminated by God’s unconditional love–Tara’s Story

Like the tide against the cliff, repetitive criticism can erode a person’s self-esteem. Battered with constant condemnation, Tara grew up feeling hollow and useless. Hear how the love of God, extended through a local church family, helped Tara overcome her difficult past and find her true identity as a child of God.

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His strength in our weakness–Greg & Katie’s Story

If an unimaginable loss occurred in your life where would you run for healing? Discover how a foundation built on faith in Jesus Christ sustained Greg & Katie following the heartbreaking loss of their child. Sense God’s faithfulness and presence in the midst of deep pain and grief.

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Finding forgiveness and freedom in Christ following a disturbing loss–Christina’s Story

Who do you turn to when the unthinkable happens? Christina found healing and a renewed sense of purpose after the loss of her son. The journey toward forgiveness isn’t easy, but with God’s help it can bring freedom from the past that haunts us.

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“I need a Jesus like that!”–John and Anna’s Story

John had heard about Jesus Christ several times throughout his life. But he never understood the difference between religion and a relationship with God. Find hope and encouragement as you listen to John and his wife, Anna, describe how the truth of God’s Word pierced their hearts and transformed their lives and marriage.

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