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When your spouse doesn’t believe
–Adell & Clyde’s Story


Marriage isn’t always easy. But when you’re married to a spouse who is not a believer the relationship can be even more challenging. Adell and Clyde describe how their marriage was on the brink of falling apart until God put it back together again. We would like to thank St. John’s Tabernacle Church in Detroit,…

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What does “beauty” look like in God’s eyes?
–Sabrina’s Story


Some people seem to have it all together. Sabrina had a nice house, an adoring husband, and a successful career but deep inside something was missing. Discover how God used a willing coworker to guide Sabrina to a relationship with Christ and lasting fulfillment. We would like to thank New Creation Community Outreach, Inc. in…

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What man destroys . . . God rebuilds
– Kaye and Earl’s Story


Traumatic events can turn hearts to stone and change the people we love into complete strangers. But God’s grace overwhelms even the most unyielding objects and reunites lives that have been torn apart. Hear how God brought Kaye and Earl back together nearly four decades after tragic circumstances led to their divorce. Find out more…

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“I need a Jesus like that!”
–John and Anna’s Story


John had heard about Jesus Christ several times throughout his life. But he never understood the difference between religion and a relationship with God. Find hope and encouragement as you listen to John and his wife, Anna, describe how the truth of God’s Word pierced their hearts and transformed their lives and marriage. Find out more about…

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The reward of transparency
–Craig’s Story


Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your life and consider “where you are” as opposed to “where God wants you to be”? Discover how God helped Craig deal with the deep issues of honesty and transparency and, as a result, give hope to countless other families. Find out more of what the Bible…

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Learning to speak words of life
–Gerry & Vicki’s Story


Marriage isn’t easy! But when your spouse doesn’t share your views of God, it can add additional strife to the relationship. Find out how God not only transformed their marriage, but turned a faithful wife and unbelieving husband into a dynamic missionary team! Find out more of what the Bible says about “what does it take…

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Discovering the truth of “Happily Ever After”
–Tim’s Story


Boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. Right? Hear how one couple learned the hard way that marriage is tough work . . . but when done God’s way, the relationship has a greater chance of success! Find out more of what the Bible says about “building blocks…

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