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How long must we suffer?
–Daniel’s Story


For decades, the Iron Curtain of Communism kept many people in Europe prisoners in their own country. But those ideological and political barriers couldn’t shut out the gospel of Christ! Discover how God changed a Romanian soldier into a pastor to the nations. A story of God’s provision and protection.

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An ever-present comfort
–Anne’s Story


When we face trials and heartaches, it can be difficult to experience joy in our journey of faith. Anne, managing editor of the Our Daily Bread devotional, found that she could be confident that God would sustain her during a difficult season of loss and help her rediscover joy. Find encouragement for whatever you’re facing.

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God can restore shattered dreams
–Lisa’s Story


Losing a loved one is profoundly painful, but when Lisa lost both a child and her husband, her lifetime dream of being a wife and mother was shattered. Discover how God’s grace provides strength and hope to anyone dealing with a devastating loss. Find out more of what the Bible says about “Our Eternal Home.”…

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“Are you there God? Do you see me?”
–Tammy’s Story


The unexpected loss of a loved one can turn our entire life upside down. The world as we know it has changed forever. Where do we turn when overwhelming grief surrounds us? Christian music artist Tammy Trent shares her inspiring story of choosing to hope in Christ in the midst of an unimaginable crisis. Find…

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Though wars may rage; peace can be found in Jesus Christ
–Phil’s Story


Shaken by the battles in his broken home, Phil joined the Marine Corps and headed to Vietnam. In the ensuing years, he struggled with a debilitating case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Discover how Phil found lasting peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more of what the Bible says about “Anchors in The Storm.”

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Real freedom is found in God’s forgiveness
– LaRue’s Story


There’s no mistake so big, no sin so great, that God cannot forgive. Discover how LaRue was finally able to accept God’s forgiveness for her past and learned how to forgive those who had deeply wounded her. No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you can find freedom through forgiveness! We would like…

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