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After you say “I do…”

The idea of “cutting your losses and moving on” may work in the business world but it’s
an unhealthy mindset in a marriage. Shane and Tricia were on the brink of divorce when
they changed their minds, deciding to give their marriage another try. Then, after their
second child was born, an even bigger decision would change Shane’s life forever and
soon after, Tricia’s life as well. Discover the power of God to transform lives and a marriage.

Imprisoned by choice

After her daughter was killed, God led Edith to help other mothers of murdered children. But years later, she was called to do the unimaginable: minister to those in prison who committed murder. Leonard was raised in a Christian home but made poor choices, the last one landed him behind bars . . . for life. But he soon discovered that no place is too dark for the light of God’s love to shine through. Discover the power of forgiveness.

A fool says in his heart, "There is no God" - Ghislaine's Story & Dawna's Story

Ghislaine considered believing in God akin to believing in leprechauns until her husband rededicated his life to Christ and her perspective began to change. Raised in a Jewish family, Dawna considered the claims of Christianity absurd until a friend showed her in the Scriptures how Yeshua—Jesus—was the promised Messiah. Find hope for your own unbelieving loved ones as you hear the amazing ways God breaks down barriers to reach hearts.

A spark of light in the darkest hour - Sharry's Story

A violent, abusive marriage and unrelenting drug addiction left Sharry homeless and estranged from her family. Discover how God brought healing to Sharry and her entire family through the support of a church and local mission.

"I need a Jesus like that!" – John and Anna's Story

John had heard about various religions throughout his life and believed they were “all good” as long
as they let him live life his way. John and his wife, Anna, describe how the truth of God’s Word pierced their hearts and transformed their lives and marriage.

Finding peace from the rage within

An abusive childhood left John with deep emotional wounds, which festered into a simmering rage that followed him into adulthood and marriage. Tony grew up feeling unwanted and unloved. Even after marrying and starting a family of his own, his anger led to verbal and physical abuse. But God can restore even the hardest of hearts as well as marriages and families.

When our dreams must change – Rich's Story and Paul's Story

Rich and his brother set out to take Hollywood by storm but the Lord had a different plan. God would still fulfill their desires but for a higher purpose. As a police officer, Paul took the law enforcement motto "to protect and to serve" seriously but a job injury redefined what that really meant. Rich and Paul share how surrendering all to Jesus Christ radically changed the course of their lives.

A lifeline for eternity – Shoa’s Story

Following an arranged marriage at 18, it wouldn’t take Shoa long to discover her new husband was a violent man. Listen to this former Muslim recount her escape out of a radical religious sect and into the loving embrace of Jesus Christ.

Dead man breathing–Russell’s Story

Some people run from God, others try to climb away. But what happens when, in making that climb, you lose your grip? Suddenly death is staring at you from the chasm below. Author and mountaineer Russell Fralick shares how he came to saving faith in Jesus Christ through a near-death experience on a steep Norwegian mountain face.

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Torture and persecution will not prevail–Kodjo’s Story and Volodya’s Story

Kodjo and Volodya lived in very different parts of the world, yet both shared a belief in Christ that was tested to the limits of human endurance. Even torture and persecution could not stop these two men from sharing their faith. Be encouraged as you share the love of Jesus Christ with others and step out in faith.

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