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His pursuit and love are relentless
–Marlin’s Story


When God calls you to do something out of your comfort zone, do you jump at the opportunity? Or do you hold back, unsure whether or not to trust His plans for you? Marlin made a decision to follow God no matter where He led. Find more of what the Bible says about “anchors in…

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Making peace with their past
–Mark & Lisa’s Story


The more they focused on each other, the more they lost focus on the Lord. But an unplanned pregnancy became the catalyst for Mark and Lisa to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy. Find out how one couple learned that God can use our poor choices to draw us to Him, and to impact the lives…

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Leaving a lasting impression
–James’ Story


While most children reflect the patterns they see in their parents, Jim was determined to live differently. His resolve failed him as he got older. Discover how Jim found hope and the strength to change when he learned to rely on Jesus. An encouraging reminder of the transforming power of grace. Learn what the Bible…

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He found the “something more” he was looking for!
–Stanley’s Story


Even the most satisfying things in life can leave us feeling empty and wanting more. Be encouraged as Stanley describes his elusive search for contentment on earth, and how God met him right where he was at. If you’re looking for “something more” join us to find the key to satisfying the desires of your heart….

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Replacing ugly lies with the beauty of the Truth
–Doris’ Story


Hidden and isolated from the world, Doris grew up in a polygamist family, often held hostage by fear, lies, and abuse. Learn how she discovered the true freedom only found in Jesus Christ! Find freedom from what’s holding you hostage. Find out more of what the Bible says about “how to identify a dangerous religious…

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In the hands of the Potter
–David’s Story


Under the guiding hands of a skilled potter, an unappealing piece of clay can be transformed into a beautiful work of art. Learn how God shaped the life of a lost potter named David into a valuable instrument for His kingdom. How does God want to shape your life? Find out more of what the…

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“I can’t believe you’re still alive!”
–Travis’ Story


The adrenaline rush that comes with performing dangerous stunts can be addictive. It was a feeling Travis chased for many years, until his whole life came to a screeching halt. Discover how one man eventually found life’s greatest thrills in serving the Lord and others! Find out more of what the Bible says about “Joseph:…

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