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“It’s the first time I ever felt loved”
–Beckie’s Story


By suppressing the trauma of childhood abuse, Beckie thought she had long since moved on with her life. Discover how Beckie found the love, healing, and acceptance she’d been looking for at the foot of the cross. It’s a wonderful story of salvation and redemption. Find out more of what the Bible says about “When…

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I didn’t think God wanted me
–Amanda’s Story


When a trusted family member stole her innocence, he also robbed Amanda of her sense of self-worth. Believing she was damaged beyond repair, Amanda threw herself into destructive habits. Learn how God revealed His love and grace in making a broken person whole again! Find out more of what the Bible says about “Real Love:…

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Overcoming the scars of abuse
– Deborah’s Story

Behind closed doors of Christian homes across the world are husbands and wives who are hiding the awful secret shame of domestic abuse. Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling to overcome the scars of abuse in your life. Discover how God provided healing for Deborah and find hope for whatever trial you may…

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Reconciling sexual abuse to a good God
– KC’s Story


No one ever expects abuse to become a part of their family. When KC learned that her husband of 15 years was abusing their children, their lives were shattered. Learn how KC and her children found hope and healing through Jesus Christ. We would like to thank KLMP Radio in Rapid City, South Dakota, for…

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A secret shame revealed allows God’s healing
– Morna’s Story


When Morna was sexually assaulted on her college campus, she vowed never to tell a soul. But years later, a family tragedy brought her secret to light. Discover how God brought healing to Morna and her entire family. We would like to thank KMBI Radio in Spokane, Washington, for partnering with us on this week’s…

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Breaking free from the bondage of abuse
–Brenetia’s Story


After more than seventeen years of abuse, Brenetia was filled with hatred and bitterness. Hear how God gave Brenetia freedom from her past, and healing through His Word. No matter what you’ve been through, freedom can be yours in Jesus Christ. We would like to thank WNIV Radio in Atlanta, Georgia, for partnering with us on…

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