Tags: sorrow

Heaven, Loss
–Melissa and Nev’s Story


Losing a loved one, whether a parent, spouse, or child, is one of the most difficult things in life to bear. Perhaps you’re struggling through grief right now. Melissa found that during those painful moments, trusting God is the only way to get through.

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Forgiveness, Grace
–Marjorie’s Story


There are twists and turns on life’s road that can cause us to question God and the path He’s laid out for us. When Marjorie’s son was killed by a drunk driver, nothing in life seemed to make sense. You’ll be encouraged by Marjorie’s faith in Christ that helped her find peace and grace through the grief and anger.  

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Abortion, Healing
–Lance and Shirley’s Story


There are decisions we make in life that have a much different outcome than what we were expecting. Lance and Shirley made a choice many years ago that left them longing to break through the quiet agony of abortion . . .



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Loss, Family

Already in their forties, an unexpected pregnancy interrupted the plans Jon and Barb had for their lives. One couple’s story about how life can abruptly change—and a merciful God who never changes.

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Loss, Healing

As a teenager, the sudden loss of his mother left Peder drowning in a grief he didn’t know how to cope with. How would his despair change his relationship with God?

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