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How long must we suffer?
–Daniel’s Story


For decades, the Iron Curtain of Communism kept many people in Europe prisoners in their own country. But those ideological and political barriers couldn’t shut out the gospel of Christ! Discover how God changed a Romanian soldier into a pastor to the nations. A story of God’s provision and protection.

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A secret shame revealed allows God’s healing
– Morna’s Story


When Morna was sexually assaulted on her college campus, she vowed never to tell a soul. But years later, a family tragedy brought her secret to light. Discover how God brought healing to Morna and her entire family. We would like to thank KMBI Radio in Spokane, Washington, for partnering with us on this week’s…

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Health, Perseverance
–Kevin’s Story


If you or a loved one has gone through difficult medical procedures, you know the frustration and heartache suffering can bring. Discover Kevin’s encouraging story of perseverance through extreme medical challenges as a young boy.

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Salvation, Persecution
–Voloyda’s Story

The freedom of religion we experience in the United States is something many of us take for granted. For Voloyda, living out his faith in a country in Central Asia, meant sharing the gospel in secret, away from the retribution of the government.

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