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A career path altered by God–Stanton & Lorie’s Story

As followers of God, we know in our heads we’re supposed to trust God in all circumstances. But when tough times come, does that head knowledge make its way into our hearts? Be encouraged by Stanton and Lorie’s powerful story of trusting God and having their faith stretched.

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Overcoming the scars of abuse – Deborah’s Story

Behind closed doors of Christian homes across the world are husbands and wives who are hiding the awful secret shame of domestic abuse. Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling to overcome the scars of abuse in your life. Discover how God provided healing for Deborah and find hope for whatever trial you may be facing.

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Finding relief from uncontrollable anger – John’s Story

Bitterness, anger, resentment—John had a mass of tangled emotions inside him from his difficult youth. No matter how hard he tried not to, he still ended up lashing out at the people he loved. Find out how God turned John’s life around and how He can change your life, too!

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Discovering the love of God – John’s Story

Perhaps you’ve wondered if there’s a way to overcome your past. After a childhood full of turmoil and abuse, John didn’t know any other way to live. Don’t miss this inspirational story of how God changed John from the inside out.

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Keeping God at arm’s length – Cathy’s Story

Cathy grew up thinking the Bible was simply too difficult for the average person to truly understand. That confusion kept God at arm’s length. What would it take to make a breakthrough to Cathy’s heart? Discover how the patient love of others brought out the simplicity and richness of the Scriptures that led Cathy to Christ.

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8000 miles: Stepping out in faith – Albert’s Story

Albert’s desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ led him to leave his homeland of Zimbabwe to study at a Christian college in the U.S. Even though he had little funding and no clear plan of how his dream would be fulfilled, he stepped out in faith to see God provide in an amazing way.

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Finding comfort in God’s arms following an unexpected tragedy – Jan’s Story

Like any parent, Jan had hopes and dreams for her daughter Cheri’s future. But when Cheri entered college, she moved farther and farther away from her relationship with God. Hear one parent’s story of faith as her prodigal daughter searched to find her way home.

A devastating tragedy leads to eternal-perspective living – Melody’s Story

When Melody’s twenty-year-old daughter died instantly in a car accident, the only thought that brought her comfort was that her little girl was now with Jesus. Don’t miss hearing how Melody learned to trust God in the midst of overwhelming tragedy.

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Getting real with God–Chris’s Story

For many people, especially adults, it takes a serious wake-up call to turn their life over to Jesus Christ. For Christopher, it was a near collision with a Navy ship when his life was graciously spared. Christopher’s dramatic story of salvation will encourage you to “get real” with God, wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

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Liberation from abuse-by an all-powerful God–Marie’s Story

If you, or a loved one, have suffered from an abusive relationship, you know the self-doubt it brings. Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse had affected Marie’s self-esteem so much, she actually . . .