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But by the grace of God I am what I am

When Poh Fang first heard the gospel, she thought it was a fairy tale. But God’s truth reached deep into her soul. Discover how God changed Poh Fang’s heart, and used her to share Christ with others in a whole new way.

What is my purpose? God’s love in action

It’s Easter, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on God’s great love! Hear the stories of
Josh, who finds that no amount of running can separate him from God’s love, and Matt,
who learns that the love of Jesus gives us life abundantly!

God is enough

Is God really enough? In the face of losing a child, the grief can feel overwhelming. But as Mindy and Arlen found, God is more than enough. Discover God’s comfort and security for whatever you’re facing, even when you grieve.


Since the time Arlen's story was recorded, Hannah's cancer has returned.  She has just completed a round of chemotherapy…

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God is Love : Reflections on the Character of God

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Love can mean different things to different people depending on their situation. That’s why Oswald Chambers reminds us to turn to Scripture to find the only true, pure form of love there is—God’s love. His love is perfect and powerful, holy and healing. We can’t even begin to comprehend it apart from His Word. God Is Love leads you to a place…

Stories of God at Work

Angel believed the lies the world told her. She felt worthless and ugly. Her life became a swirling mess of men, booze, and drugs until one day she cried out to God, “Kill me or save me. But don’t let me live like this anymore.” God’s abundant, reckless love kept pursuing Angel until she finally understood who she was in Christ. God had protected her life through many years of bad choices, and He set her free from the burden of her past mistakes. Now Angel defines herself as “a beautiful daughter of the Most High King.”

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