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Now we are children of God

As children growing up in dysfunctional households, both Julieann and Butch faced struggles with anger, self-esteem issues, and the fear of making the same poor choices as their fathers did. The couple shares how they each found love and grace for their earthly dads through the healing power of our heavenly Father.

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You are worthy, you are loved

The pain of rejection can lead us to feel trapped by our sin and circumstances. But the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice is that we are always loved by God. That’s the truth that Becky experienced in her life and you can, too.

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Turn over a new leaf? I need a new tree!

We all find ourselves in a rut at some point or another. But often, the most damaging habits are the hardest ones to break. That was the case for Bob until Jesus moved in his life to break the cycle of addiction. Discover how God changed Bob’s life forever.

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Stories of God at Work

A rough childhood which included repeated abuse at the hands of religious leaders made Vic Mitchell a very confused and angry person. When he went into the service after high school and they asked him what he wanted to be, he replied, “I want to become the meanest man possible.” He hung out with the wrong crowd and took pleasure in beating people up. But one Sunday everything changed. His girlfriend’s mother dragged him to church, and for the first time he experienced the grace and mercy only God can give.