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From Shattered to Secure

As a wife, Carol experienced her worst fear: her husband’s infidelity. Learn how Carol found life after adultery. And not just life, but abundant life. Discover hope after heartbreak.

Sweet surrender

When John entered Harvard Business School his highest ambition was to retire at age
40. Dan reached his own incredibly lofty goals but something was still missing from his
life. Find out how God called both John and Dan to something much bigger than what
they could ever have planned for themselves.

God has not forgotten you

Because of sin, the Bible says that we are alienated from God. But as Amanda and Kathryn discovered, God’s love is reaching out to those who are farthest from Him, even those behind prison bars.

A resource just for you

Stories of God at Work

Erin felt lingering pain and emptiness after her parents’ divorce, which led to an eating disorder and tendency to cut herself. She eventually learned that God’s love was the only thing that could fill the void in her life and take those broken pieces to create something beautiful. God gave Erin a heart for Haiti, where she is serving as an elementary education teacher. Erin finds little victories every day and says, “I want to bring to them the same healing and hope that I found in Christ.”

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