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Healing homelessness with community

When Alan Graham’s life was transformed by his relationship with Jesus, he knew he
wanted to help others experience the same love and forgiveness that he’d received. But
when this successful entrepreneur had the desire to go out and change the world, he
discovered that in the process he was also being changed.

Discover how to see beyond the holiday traditions…

Reconciled marriages and transformed lives

Each couples’ marriage started out with such promise, but unfortunately it didn’t take long before poor choices and devastating circumstances shattered the futures they’d envisioned. While they had given up hope, God hadn’t. Be encouraged that no marriage—and no one—is without hope of transformation or for reconciliation with Jesus in the center of their lives.

Discover what the Bible has to…

God calls us His masterpieces

Troy was drawn into the world of gang violence; endlessly searching for acceptance, love, and a sense of belonging. From a violent past to a hope-filled future, his is a radical journey of how the love of Jesus transformed this gang leader into a church leader.

For over 50 years, the Our Daily Bread devotional has been giving hope and encouragement to…

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The Real Gift of Christmas

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What is the "real gift" of Christmas? Download this booklet to use in your holiday quiet time.

Stories of God at Work

Katey and Kendra were running buddies, roommates, and best friends. They had that special bond friends share that unites them for a lifetime. But a terrible, wintry car accident changed that. Kendra was killed on impact, but Katey was left with not only difficult physical trauma but also the emotional scars that she survived the same accident that killed her best friend. Friends and family rejoiced in Katey’s physical progress, but all she could think about was “every step reminds you that she died, and you lived.” As she processed the grief, Katey realized that all she could do was…

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God With Us: An Instrumental Celebration of Christmas

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We celebrate the all-consuming love of our King in this joyous CD of Christmas classics.