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Love multiplied and magnified

Love is strange! The more you give, the more you have! Tamera shares the story of growing their family through adoption. She and her son Daniel describe how God created a special bond of love through the “words to live by” they found in Scripture.

In pursuit of grace

Was he a jazz musician who happened to follow Jesus or a follower of Jesus Christ who just happened to be a great jazz musician? Hear the encouraging story of Constantine Campbell’s journey of faith and discovery of the life-changing wisdom of the Scriptures.

Interested in learning more from Con Campbell? Check out his latest DVD series, In Pursuit of…

This is how we know what love is

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Learn how both Ilinda and Nick have
witnessed God’s power to set men and women free, even from behind prison bars.
Their journeys are different, but they’ve found the Bible contains the very words to live by.

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Finding Peace in a Troubled World

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In this examination of John 14:1–6, we are reminded of God’s Spirit of peace that is available to us because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Stories of God at Work

Erin felt lingering pain and emptiness after her parents’ divorce, which led to an eating disorder and tendency to cut herself. She eventually learned that God’s love was the only thing that could fill the void in her life and take those broken pieces to create something beautiful. God gave Erin a heart for Haiti, where she is serving as an elementary education teacher. Erin finds little victories every day and says, “I want to bring to them the same healing and hope that I found in Christ.”

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