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God is there in your brokenness

Many of you have heard her voice singing praises as a former member of the band Selah. Listen in as we hear Nicol Sponberg share her life story. Despite heartbreak and hardship, Nicole has found her security and hope in Jesus Christ.

Trusting God through the unexpected

When unexpected circumstances knock you down, you're usually able to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. But when those events blindside you so severely you can’t get back up on your own, where do you turn for help? Randy never imagined his 31-year marriage and his lifelong career would end in the same month. And Rob never expected to…

The songs of Christmas come to life

Christmas carols can bring back powerful memories of holidays gone by. But many of these songs have their own intriguing history. Join us for a special Christmas edition of Words to Live By as we bring to life the music of the season with the stories and Scriptures that inspired it.

Discover how you can experience the brilliance of Christmas every…

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Grace : Accepting God's Gift to You

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Ephesians 2 uses the phrase “dead in your sins.” But what does that really mean?

Stories of God at Work

Erin felt lingering pain and emptiness after her parents’ divorce, which led to an eating disorder and tendency to cut herself. She eventually learned that God’s love was the only thing that could fill the void in her life and take those broken pieces to create something beautiful. God gave Erin a heart for Haiti, where she is serving as an elementary education teacher. Erin finds little victories every day and says, “I want to bring to them the same healing and hope that I found in Christ.”

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Our Daily Bread Devotional

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For almost 60 years, the Our Daily Bread devotional booklet has been encouraging millions of believers in their walk with God. Now this valuable resource is available online in a feature-rich format at