Archives: October 2012

God’s pure love destroys the buried pain from sexual abuse–Linda Michelle’s Story

The pain and devastation of sexual abuse can be debilitating. It’s a crime that leaves many trapped in silence, unable to share their pain and find healing. Linda Michelle shares how God freed her from the shackles of abuse and enabled her to bring life-giving hope to other women.

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Please God, release me from this pain–Deborah’s Story

While Deborah was facing the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she prayed that God would spare her from what might lay ahead. And while God didn’t take away the monumental circumstances she was about to face, He did provide her with words to live by.

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Moving beyond rebellion and into the arms of Christ–Howie’s Story

The Bible tells us there’s nowhere on earth we can escape the love of God. Discover how the grace of Jesus penetrated the walls of a prison, and saved one man with a violent past.

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8000 miles: Stepping out in faith–Albert’s Story

Albert’s desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ led him to leave his homeland of Zimbabwe to study at a Christian college in the U.S. Even though he had little funding and no clear plan of how his dream would be fulfilled, he stepped out in faith to see God provide in an amazing way.

We would…