Archives: June 2013

Can you earn your way to heaven?–Sylvia’s Story

When Sylvia’s parents divorced she began searching for a sense of stability. She thought she found the answer by immersing herself in the Muslim faith, yet the more she studied Islam the more unsettled she became. Discover how Sylvia finally found lasting peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Finding comfort in God’s arms following an unexpected tragedy–Jan’s Story

Like any parent, Jan had hopes and dreams for her daughter Cheri’s future. But when Cheri entered college, she moved farther and farther away from her relationship with God. Hear one parent’s story of faith as her prodigal daughter searched to find her way home.

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In the midst of the chaos God can be trusted–Keith & Kim’s Story

Children fill a family with warmth and joy. But for couples who cannot conceive, it can seem like there’s a gaping hole in their home. Keith and Kim share their struggle with infertility and God’s redemptive plan for their lives.

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His pursuit and love are relentless–Marlin’s Story

When God calls you to do something out of your comfort zone, do you jump at the opportunity? Or do you hold back, unsure whether or not to trust His plans for you? Marlin made a decision to follow God no matter where He led.

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