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Now we are children of God

As children growing up in dysfunctional households, both Julieann and Butch faced struggles with anger, self-esteem issues, and the fear of making the same poor choices as their fathers did. The couple shares how they each found love and grace for their earthly dads through the healing power of our heavenly Father.

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You are worthy, you are loved

The pain of rejection can lead us to feel trapped by our sin and circumstances. But the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice is that we are always loved by God. That’s the truth that Becky experienced in her life and you can, too.

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Turn over a new leaf? I need a new tree!

We all find ourselves in a rut at some point or another. But often, the most damaging habits are the hardest ones to break. That was the case for Bob until Jesus moved in his life to break the cycle of addiction. Discover how God changed Bob’s life forever.

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The gift of God’s grace

A gifted athlete, Bobby earned a scholarship and was the first in his family to graduate from college. But his insatiable pursuit of wealth and material things sent his life into a tailspin he never expected. Find out how a man who thought he’d lost everything instead gained everything in the gift of God’s grace.

Out of the dust

Before Chris and Stephanie ever recorded an album, they were just two college students in love. But soon life and marriage became complicated, filled with uncertainties that were pulling them apart. Hear an amazing story about God’s redemptive power that restored their marriage.

Redemption and Restoration

Nate’s drug and alcohol addiction had overtaken his life. In order to support his habit, he committed a crime that earned him a 12-year prison sentence. Thinking her husband a lost cause, his wife, Rose, moved on with her life without him. You’ll be inspired by this story of redemption and restoration as both Nate and Rose surrendered their lives—and…

God is there in your brokenness

Many of you have heard her voice singing praises as a former member of the band Selah. Listen in as we hear Nicol Sponberg share her life story. Despite heartbreak and hardship, Nicole has found her security and hope in Jesus Christ.

Trusting God through the unexpected

When unexpected circumstances knock you down, you're usually able to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. But when those events blindside you so severely you can’t get back up on your own, where do you turn for help? Randy never imagined his 31-year marriage and his lifelong career would end in the same month. And Rob never expected to…

The songs of Christmas come to life

Christmas carols can bring back powerful memories of holidays gone by. But many of these songs have their own intriguing history. Join us for a special Christmas edition of Words to Live By as we bring to life the music of the season with the stories and Scriptures that inspired it.

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Committing his heart’s and drum’s beat

Internationally-renowned drummer Zoro was one of seven children raised by his single, immigrant mother in the ghettos of Los Angeles. While he’d been abandoned by his earthly father before he’d even been born, Zoro knew his heavenly Father would never desert him. Follow his inspiring journey from the streets to the stage to the heart of what matters most: living your…