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Finding peace in the midst of war

As a World War II soldier serving in France, Henry survived a devastating injury and imprisonment. Don't miss this harrowing story of Henry’s escape from a POW camp and how a dying man’s last words spurred this American soldier to consider eternity. Discover how the power of prayer and a God who intervenes can impact your own journey.

When God gets ahold of a dream–Rich’s Story

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Rich and his twin brother set out to make it big in Hollywood, but the Lord had something better in mind. Hear how God intervened in their lives in a unique and surprising way.


Silencing fears–Tiffany’s Story

Many of us have experienced a sense of unfairness at some point in our lives. But when the intensity of those feelings causes you to doubt and question God, where can you go for answers? Tiffany shares how God redeemed her from the depths of depression after the birth of her extremely premature baby.

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Prayer, Service–Virginia's Story

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and they don’t seem to stop coming . . .

When hope is lost, God hears your cry–LaVanna's Story

Few things are more painful than losing a loved one. When LaVanna lost her husband to cancer, the loneliness was overwhelming . . .

Holy Spirit, Trust–Peter and Jeff's Stories

When their circumstances seemed too daunting, Peter and Jeff were left feeling fearful and unsure of themselves. Their stories will...