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God has not forgotten you

Because of sin, the Bible says that we are alienated from God. But as Amanda and Kathryn discovered, God’s love is reaching out to those who are farthest from Him, even those behind prison bars.

Trusting God’s plan when we’re hurting

There are times in our lives when we’re reminded of just how much we need God. That’s what Amanda experienced when her daughter Chloe was born prematurely, and it’s what Erin and Jason faced even as Jason slipped into a coma. Hear how God brings healing and peace to broken hearts.

Living a "double-life" is no life at all

When Adam and Eve sinned, their first instinct was to run and hide! That was
their natural response and it was Chad’s natural response, too. Chad shares
how despite his life of secrecy and deception, God never gave up on him.