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No more chasing after the wind

Discontentment is something that can impact even those who seem to “have it all.”
Ryan and LaMorris share their stories of finding true, lasting contentment at the Source of
all satisfaction.

A resource just for you: Resilient: Your Invitation to a Jesus-Shaped Life
Bible study DVD and guide by Sheridan Voysey.

Learn more about what the Bible says
about contentment: Missing the Mission? Disciples…

Nothing can separate us from the love of God

Illness is something that affects us all. But many people struggle with an illness that cannot be seen. Lakisha and Amy share how God comforted them in the midst of mental illness. They found life and hope in Him and in the “words to live by” found in Scripture.

Please find the resource mentioned in the program here.

You are not alone

When a difficult situation threatens to drag us down, we can either let ourselves fall or surrender to the only One who can hold us up. Learn how both Mary Ann and Pat found a lifeline in God’s Word when it felt like their worlds were falling apart. Find peace and joy when trying circumstances come your way.