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When God says no

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Most of the time we can adjust and simply roll with the punches. But how do we cope when our deepest dreams are crushed? Sheridan and Merryn tell their story of infertility, broken dreams, and God’s faithfulness through it all.

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”–Ed’s Story

What would you do if you received news that you were dying? For Ed, every twitch of his muscles reminds him that a terminal disease is actively destroying his body. Discover how Ed has found hope in the face of fear and death. Gain insight and inspiration for whatever trials may come your way.
Find out more of what the…

Discovering your true identity in Jesus Christ–Jennifer’s Story

The world has convinced many people that their self-worth is defined by physical appearance. God gave Jennifer a new identity in Jesus Christ and His Word helped her realize . . .

An incredible story of courage–Henry’s Story (Part 1 of 2)

Have you ever wondered if God is near? When the trials of life hit us full force, peace seems like a . . .

Can your past affect your perception of God?–Dmitri’s Story

What is your perception about God and the church? Dmitri developed a very negative view of God and the church . . .

Can God break through even the hardest of hearts?–Gene's Story

Gene spent years pushing God away and claiming He didn’t exist. Yet over time, the emptiness inside his heart became more than Gene could bear. Find out how God can break through even the hardest of hearts.

Salvation, Assurance, Heaven–LaVonne and Joe, Jack and Leann's Story

Is Heaven your destination?  If you’re not certain, this edition of “Words To Live By” can help you know for sure . . . 

Salvation, Worry–Shiney's and Kellie's Stories

Shiney and Kellie reveal how their search to fill their emptiness and isolation was finally fulfilled by drawing closer to God . . .

Salvation, Assurance

The unexpected loss of LaVonne and Joe’s daughter caused them to wonder if a Christian sins, will they lose their salvation?