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Though scars remain, there’s healing in Christ–Bonnie’s Story

In a split second your life can be forever changed. It was senior picture day and Bonnie’s twin sons headed off to high school in their rural community when the unimaginable happened. Learn how God’s faithfulness abounds, even in the midst of tragedy.
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Silencing fears–Tiffany’s Story

Many of us have experienced a sense of unfairness at some point in our lives. But when the intensity of those feelings causes you to doubt and question God, where can you go for answers? Tiffany shares how God redeemed her from the depths of depression after the birth of her extremely premature baby.

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A fragile identity solidified–Renee’s Story

As a biracial child in the 1970s, Renee was the recipient of intense bullying. And after being sexually assaulted as a teen, her life seemed to spin out of control. Renee shares how God pulled her back from the brink of self-destruction and revealed her true identity and value through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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“Lord, help me. Change his heart, I can’t do this.”–Carol & Doug’s Story

A new marriage often means months of matrimonial bliss for young couples. But for Doug and Carol, a surprise pregnancy drove a wedge between them and threatened everything they had hoped for. Discover the transformation God brought to their lives through the gift of a healthy baby girl.

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Facing the agony that engulfed her–Marjorie’s Story

Sometimes the twists and turns on life’s road can cause us to question God or the path He’s laid out for us. Marjorie recounts how God led her safely down an unknown and unpredictable road after she lost her husband and her son in the same year.

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Breaking free from the bondage of abuse–Brenetia’s Story

After more than seventeen years of abuse, Brenetia was filled with hatred and bitterness. Hear how God gave Brenetia freedom from her past, and healing through His Word. No matter what you’ve been through, freedom can be yours in Jesus Christ.

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Though wars may rage, peace can be found in Jesus Christ–Phil’s Story

Shaken by the battles in his broken home, Phil joined the Marine Corps and headed to Vietnam. In the ensuing years, he struggled with a debilitating case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Discover how Phil found lasting peace, through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What do you do when your job ends and you can’t make ends meet?–Shelly’s Story

In today’s economy, many are experiencing overwhelming loss in their employment and finances. The stress this causes can even affect our relationships. Find hope . . .

Learning to trust the sovereignty of God even when you might not like the outcome–Larry and Cindy’s Story

For a parent, there’s little worse than finding your child in pain and not being able to help . . .

Forgiveness, Grace–Marjorie's Story

There are twists and turns on life’s road that can cause us to question God and the path He’s laid out for us. When Marjorie’s son was killed by a drunk driver, nothing in life seemed to make sense. You’ll be encouraged by Marjorie’s faith in Christ that helped her find peace and grace through the grief and anger.