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In the hands of the Potter–David’s Story

In the skilled hands of a potter, an ugly lump of clay can become a beautiful work of art. David recounts his transformation, from a lost young artist to a useful instrument for God’s kingdom. Learn how art became a medium for God’s message of love.
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Repairing the "unrepairable"–Part 2 of 2 – Jon & Nicole’s Story

Men and women from every walk of life can fall prey to the destructive lure of pornography. And without the Lord’s help, this addiction has the power to rip marriages apart. Jon and Nicole describe how God saved their marriage from the ravages of sin.

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This fairy-tale wedding came to a screeching halt–Part 1 of 2 – Jon & Nicole’s Story

Nicole wanted the fairy tale wedding—complete with white dress and handsome groom taking her off into the sunset. But when the destructive cycle of pornography took hold early into their marriage, Jon and Nicole had to fight for their relationship before it had barely even started.

Find out more of what the Bible says about “When A Man’s Eye Wanders”.

What man destroys . . . God rebuilds – Kaye and Earl’s Story

Traumatic events can turn hearts to stone and change the people we love into complete strangers. But God’s grace overwhelms even the most unyielding objects and reunites lives that have been torn apart. Hear how God brought Kaye and Earl back together nearly four decades after tragic circumstances led to their divorce.

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"What MUST I do to be saved?" –Neal’s Story

Jesus made us a lasting promise: “If you look for Me you will find Me!” Discover how Neal searched for God in all the wrong places before eventually discovering the real and life-changing person of Jesus Christ!

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Learning to trust the sovereignty of God even when you might not like the outcome–Larry & Cindy’s Story

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than finding your children in pain and being unable to help them. Where can a mom and dad turn for answers? Larry and Cindy share how God’s sovereignty and grace met them and their family during a time of crisis. An important story for parents and grandparents.

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God’s indescribable mercy can overcome abortion’s overwhelming pain–Kathy’s Story

What decision have you made that you wish you could go back and change? Perhaps you’re harboring deep regrets right now. Learn how God’s healing mercy supported Kathy through her sorrow and gave her the courage to help others find the same healing.

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Finally, the freedom to talk about this–Lance & Shirley’s Story

There are decisions we make in life that have a much different outcome than what we were expecting. Lance and Shirley made a choice many years ago that left them longing to break through the quiet agony of abortion. Learn how one couple found hope and healing through God’s mercy and grace.

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Help and healing following the pain of divorce–Marvin’s Story

When the pain of divorce rips your family apart, it's easy to think life is over—that God's abandoned you in your time of need. . . .

Salvation, Persecution–Volodya's Story

The freedom of religion we experience in the United States is something many of us take for granted. For Voloyda, living out his faith in a country in Central Asia, meant sharing the gospel in secret, away from the retribution of the government.