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Health, Perseverance–Brandt and Heather's Story

While hospitalized after a car accident, to his shock and surprise, Brandt discovered he had a brain tumor. The diagnosis was grave, with three to four weeks to live. Brandt and Heather tell their story of hope and healing.

Health, Faith–Donna's Story

Few things challenge our faith in God any more than human suffering. And when you or a loved one is going through a difficult struggle with health, it can be overwhelming. Donna shares how God worked in her life while caring for a sick family member, and through her own struggle with Bell’s Palsy. 

Burdens, Service–Bob's Story

When hardships come, our first instinct is often, “Hey, I can take care of myself!” It’s difficult to admit we need help . . .

Holy Spirit, Trust–Peter and Jeff's Stories

When their circumstances seemed too daunting, Peter and Jeff were left feeling fearful and unsure of themselves. Their stories will...

Burdens, Service

When an auto accident left Bob paralyzed he became angry, frustrated, and bitter. His fierce determination to be self-reliant shut out God and the others who tried to help him. What would it take for him to turn the Lord?

Abuse, Freedom

Doris had a passing knowledge of God and knew that He was supposed to be the source of love. But the abuse and neglect she continued to experience would keep her in “survival mode” for many years, until she experienced the forgiveness that set her free.

Loss, Healing

As a teenager, the sudden loss of his mother left Peder drowning in a grief he didn’t know how to cope with. How would his despair change his relationship with God?

Health, Faith

While Deborah was facing the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she prayed that God would spare her from what might lay ahead. And while God didn’t take away the

Abuse, Forgiveness

When Barbara Jean found herself in an abusive relationship, she wrongly believed it was a punishment she deserved for the poor choices she had

Trusting God, Health

The essential truth that God is in control would serve as a source of comfort and perspective for Rick and Judy as they faced