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A heart divided

During WWII, Yola suffered under Hitler’s Nazi regime and was forced to flee her homeland. When she had the opportunity to return to Berlin to share her faith, could she find compassion for those living in the country she equated with such atrocities? Don’t miss a special edition of Words to Live By to hear how Jesus can make whole…

The power of love and forgiveness

God’s love, grace, and forgiveness covers all our sin and shame. It also teaches us what it means to forgive others. John found out that no matter what you’ve done, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, God has a plan for your life. After several devastating losses, Liz could have become withdrawn and bitter, but instead reached out in…

Mercy, hope, and a future through Jesus

Many of us would admit we still struggle with regret and shame that come from our past
mistakes, even when we’ve been forgiven.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to let it go—
especially if they deeply hurt you and the ones you love. Discover how both Marsha and
Tony found freedom in the forgiveness of God right where they were.

Discover how…

“He is the God of what is left.”

Where do you turn when you’ve been knocked down so many times you don’t think you can possibly get back up again? Pam describes how she finally surrendered, then found herself lifted up in a way she never thought possible.

A resource just for you: Hymns for the Christian Life music DVD by The Gettys.

Learn more about what the Bible…

The depth of God’s mercy

What do you do when the inconceivable happens and forgiveness seems impossible? Can
you trust the Lord who promises to judge righteously? Hear of God’s intervention into the
lives of two different families that encountered sins most of us would consider too horrific to
be forgiven. Learn how the depth and breadth of the Lord’s mercy becomes the key to…

Mercy, hope and a future through Jesus

Discover how both Marsha and Tony found the forgiveness of God right where they were—in prison! The pain from Marsha’s past created so much anger it spilled over in the most horrific ways. Tony was smart, yet he made some really poor decisions. Don’t miss these two remarkable stories of overcoming the past to walk into a better future with Jesus…

Blindsided, but not without hope

No parent is ever prepared for a prodigal child. So when their kids went astray, James
and Cari were caught completely off guard. Hear their story of tragedy and hope, as one
family waits for God to bring their children home. Be encouraged to trust God with what’s
most precious to you.

“I’ve been unfaithful” – Forgiving infidelity

Even good marriages are not immune from adultery. Like a thief in the night, it can steal,
kill, and destroy. The reality is that most couples don’t survive an adulterous affair. But
some, like Gary and Mona, do. Find out how a decision to stay and a commitment to be
honest with God and each other allowed this marriage to survive infidelity.

Love can overcome our guilt and shame

When Christina became pregnant outside of marriage, she was surprised by her parents’ support. Still, shame consumed her until she experienced God’s forgiveness. When Sally embarked on a journey of self-discovery and got pregnant, she found herself alone and frightened until she found her true identity in Christ. Learn how God can turn the toughest situations around for good.

They didn’t tell me the truth

All of us have made decisions we regret and suffered the consequences. Though Bob’s decision had caused great harm, he finally found peace when he accepted God’s forgiveness. Luann’s decision to have an abortion left a deep wound in her heart. After suffering ten years of panic attacks, she finally brought what she had done into the light, finding the healing power of God’s love. Discover how to find freedom from the pain of your own regret.