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Sufficient grace for each moment

Faith is a daily journey. But when a medical diagnosis turns life into a steep, uphill climb it’s easy to get weary and fearful. Join host Barbara Follis to hear stories from Chris, Tiffany, and Carla.
They’re sharing how God’s grace overcame the dark clouds renewing their hope.

Learn more about God’s grace impacting your life whatever your circumstances, here's a…

“God, I cannot do this journey"

Carol’s son Jason had big dreams: a U.S. Naval Academy graduation, a fairy-tale
wedding, and a new life with his wife and her two young daughters. But one fateful
decision would end it all. Learn how even a life behind bars could not stop God’s
redemptive plan for both Carol Kent and her son.

Discover hope and a fresh start…

Nothing can separate us from the love of God

Illness is something that affects us all. But many people struggle with an illness that cannot be seen. Lakisha and Amy share how God comforted them in the midst of mental illness. They found life and hope in Him and in the “words to live by” found in Scripture.

Please find the resource mentioned in the program here. https://ourdailybread.org/conversations/grace-for-troubled-minds-christian-perspectives-on-mental-health/

God is enough

Is God really enough? In the face of losing a child, the grief can feel overwhelming. But as Mindy and Arlen found, God is more than enough. Discover God’s comfort and security for whatever you’re facing, even when you grieve.


Since the time Arlen's story was recorded, Hannah's cancer has returned.  She has just completed a round of chemotherapy…

God is there in your brokenness

Many of you have heard her voice singing praises as a former member of the band Selah. Listen in as we hear Nicol Sponberg share her life story. Despite heartbreak and hardship, Nicol has found her security and hope in Jesus Christ.

God’s love never fails

Domestic abuse occurs in homes across the world, including the homes of people who profess to follow Christ. Sharon’s season of terror began on her honeymoon, while Marie’s started while she was dating her boyfriend. These two women were held captive by fear but still held on to hope, pleading that God would provide a way out. Find out how…

Better than gold

Discover how Olympians Elana and Judy discovered a prize better than the gold medal. After a
tragic accident left Judy a quadriplegic, depression tried to rob her of her dreams and
purpose. A performance-driven life left Elana hopeless and exhausted when the end
results were not what she’d expected. Don’t miss these two courageous stories of discovering
the greater prize…

Living for eternity

When Melody’s 20-year-old daughter died instantly in a car accident, the only thought
that brought her comfort was that her child was now with Jesus. Learn how God gave
purpose to Melody’s grief and launched a passion for living with an eternal perspective.
Find purpose in the midst of loss.

For more information on this story please visit http://daniellepound.com/.

God wanted all of me

Just nine days after what was supposed to be a routine surgery, Bryan was told that his
young wife, Ami, a mother of three, wouldn’t live through the night. What happened next
would change their lives forever – demonstrating the power of God to transform hearts and
beat impossible odds! Discover the freedom that comes when you surrender all to God.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God

On this edition of Words to Live By you’ll hear stories from two women who desperately needed the assurance of God’s love in the midst of their pain. The childhood abuse that caused brain trauma thrust LaKisha into a lifelong battle with clinical depression. And Amy’s family cared for her mother, who struggled with
schizophrenia. Discover how they learned that nothing…