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You are worthy, you are loved

The pain of rejection can lead us to feel trapped by our sin and circumstances. But the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice is that we are always loved by God. That’s the truth that Becky experienced in her life and you can, too.

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Turn over a new leaf? I need a new tree!

We all find ourselves in a rut at some point or another. But often, the most damaging habits are the hardest ones to break. That was the case for Bob until Jesus moved in his life to break the cycle of addiction. Discover how God changed Bob’s life forever.

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Redemption and Restoration

Nate’s drug and alcohol addiction had overtaken his life. In order to support his habit, he committed a crime that earned him a 12-year prison sentence. Thinking her husband a lost cause, his wife, Rose, moved on with her life without him. You’ll be inspired by this story of redemption and restoration as both Nate and Rose surrendered their lives—and…

“I didn’t think I’d live to see 21”

Imagine living your life with the expectation that you won’t make it past twenty-one . . .   sure that you’ll be killed in the street by a rival gang member. That’s exactly how D.A. believed he would die—that is, until he found out what it truly means to live. Hear how D.A went from the streets to salvation in Jesus Christ…

Faith under fire

Growing up amidst religious violence in Northern Ireland helped shape Philip De Courcy’s life and faith. It also taught him the importance of placing his trust in Jesus and in the words to live by found only in the Scriptures.

Learn more about Philip De Courcy’s ministry Know the Truth: https://www.ktt.org/.

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Restoration from our brokenness

We can take comfort in knowing that God repairs broken things . . . that includes any of us, no matter what our past or present may be. Doug and Janet both made poor choices that could have easily ruined—or ended—their lives if not for God’s mercy and grace.

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“God, I cannot do this journey"

Carol’s son Jason had big dreams: a U.S. Naval Academy graduation, a fairy-tale
wedding, and a new life with his wife and her two young daughters. But one fateful
decision would end it all. Learn how even a life behind bars could not stop God’s
redemptive plan for both Carol Kent and her son.

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Mercy, hope, and a future through Jesus

Many of us would admit we still struggle with regret and shame that come from our past
mistakes, even when we’ve been forgiven.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to let it go—
especially if they deeply hurt you and the ones you love. Discover how both Marsha and
Tony found freedom in the forgiveness of God right where they were.

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But by the grace of God I am what I am

When Poh Fang first heard the gospel, she thought it was a fairy tale. But God’s truth reached deep into her soul. Discover how God changed Poh Fang’s heart, and used her to share Christ with others in a whole new way.

What is my purpose? God’s love in action

It’s Easter, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on God’s great love! Hear the stories of
Josh, who finds that no amount of running can separate him from God’s love, and Matt,
who learns that the love of Jesus gives us life abundantly!