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Trusting God through the unexpected

When unexpected circumstances knock you down, you're usually able to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. But when those events blindside you so severely you can’t get back up on your own, where do you turn for help? Randy never imagined his 31-year marriage and his lifelong career would end in the same month. And Rob never expected to…

Mercy, hope, and a future through Jesus

Many of us would admit we still struggle with regret and shame that come from our past
mistakes, even when we’ve been forgiven.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to let it go—
especially if they deeply hurt you and the ones you love. Discover how both Marsha and
Tony found freedom in the forgiveness of God right where they were.

Discover how…

The depth of God’s mercy

What do you do when the inconceivable happens and forgiveness seems impossible? Can
you trust the Lord who promises to judge righteously? Hear of God’s intervention into the
lives of two different families that encountered sins most of us would consider too horrific to
be forgiven. Learn how the depth and breadth of the Lord’s mercy becomes the key to…

Mercy, hope and a future through Jesus

Discover how both Marsha and Tony found the forgiveness of God right where they were—in prison! The pain from Marsha’s past created so much anger it spilled over in the most horrific ways. Tony was smart, yet he made some really poor decisions. Don’t miss these two remarkable stories of overcoming the past to walk into a better future with Jesus…

The forbidden Bible

While serving a mandatory tour of duty in the Russian army, Fiodor hungered for the
Word of God to sustain him. His prayers to receive a then-forbidden copy of the Bible
would soon be answered in an extraordinary way. It wasn’t until years later, after Fiodor
came to America, that he would discover exactly how God had orchestrated that miracle.…

People don’t understand—I was trapped

For most of us it’s impossible to imagine being fifteen years old and lured into a world of human trafficking. This was Leslie’s life for more than twenty years until she prayed a desperate prayer—one that Jesus answered in a powerful and profound way. Be inspired by Leslie’s courageous story as God uses her to reach out to others ensnared in prostitution.

Where refuge can be found – Gary’s Story & Donald & Theresa’s Story

At age 67, Gary’s dream of climbing Mt. Everest came to an abrupt end when an unexpected sickness forced him off the mountain. But just when he thought he was safe, a massive earthquake hit Nepal. Lost in the darkening woods, Donald and Theresa share their family’s intense story of God’s provision in the midst of deadly circumstances. Discover how…

Marriage fellowship magnified!–Ron & Barbara’s Story

When the hearts of a husband and wife are connected in prayer, the fellowship they experience can be incredible! Ron and Barbara describe how God transformed their marriage when they surrendered their dreams to the Lord.

Escaping the trap of pornography–David’s Story

Addiction is a prison that shackles us with shame, fear, and guilt. But Jesus came to set captives free. David shares a candid tale of deliverance! Hear how God released him from pornography and set him on the path to freedom.

“This is the captain, please brace for impact . . .”–Chris & Karin’s Story

When Chris and Karin’s jet left the airport, they thought they were simply headed home. Yet just three minutes into their flight they heard those dreaded words . . . “brace for impact!” You’ll be inspired by the courage, faith, and prayers of this young couple who relied on God in the midst of tragedy.

Find answers to the question,…