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The reason for the hope that you have

After a childhood of turmoil and abuse, John didn’t know any other way to live. Dmitri thought that all the church wanted was his money. Hear how God renewed both of these men’s lives. Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a way to overcome your own hurts and hang-ups. Don’t miss this inspirational story on Words to Live By.

For it is by grace you have been saved

It seems no matter what they tried, Jose and Erika struggled to find contentment and satisfaction in their lives. From the time Rick was a little boy he faced abandonment issues leaving him with a deep sense of betrayal and resentment. Discover how hope and contentment can be found through the patient love of Jesus Christ.

A church behind the walls

Raised in a legalistic religious home, David’s rebellion led him straight to the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, while Jerry’s dangerous and dysfunctional upbringing led him to a lifestyle that earned him a lengthy prison sentence. Discover how both men received the love of Jesus Christ, and how His gift of grace gave them each a ministry they never expected! Be…

Finding peace from the rage within

An abusive childhood left John with deep emotional wounds, which festered into a
simmering rage that followed him into adulthood and marriage. Tony grew up feeling unwanted and unloved. Even after marrying and starting a family of his own, his anger led to verbal and physical abuse. But God can restore even the hardest of hearts as well as marriages and families.

“I thought Christianity was a crutch”

Have you ever doubted God’s existence? What about the Bible? Do you believe that it’s the inspired Word of God that Christ’s followers believe it to be? Well, Jodi put her faith in the big bang theory and Russell believed faith was for the weak. Learn how they both discovered a God who loved them before they ever realized that a loving God…

Living life at 96 miles per hour

When Major League Baseball Pitcher Dan Naulty’s team won the World Series, he wasn’t thinking of celebrating with his teammates—he was thinking of jumping off a bridge. That’s how empty he felt inside. Find out how Dan’s fluctuating morality led him to a crisis point and how God met him in the midst of his journey.

Loved just the way I am

How much does your environment affect your identity? Ned was adopted by a loving
Christian family, but as he grew up, the difference in their races became an
uncomfortable issue to others. Greg and his mother were forced to flee from his abusive
stepfather, but found refuge amongst the kindness of strangers. Discover how God’s
kindness and compassion intersected their…

The right to become children of God

What determines your life has value? Some might say it’s how much money you have, your job title, or perhaps your heritage. Jennifer and Joshua each learned it’s something completely different. Both thought it was up to them to make their mark in the world in order to prove their worth, but everything they tried left them feeling empty and hopeless. Learn how God…

Peace that endures

When music artist Ilonka was just 12 years old, she was betrayed by a trusted adult in the
worst possible way. Discover how the message of salvation brought Ilonka’s hidden pain
into the light driving her straight into the loving arms of the Lord. Now she lives and
performs for an audience of One, Jesus, as she helps lead others…

Transformed by a real relationship with Jesus

Two inspiring stories of transformation and new beginnings. The abuse Dawn suffered left her
filled with fear, hurt, and shame, while Elliott’s life was empty—directionless and with no real
purpose or vision. Discover what happens when we say “yes” to the God who gives us new
life, healing, and purpose.