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The depth of God’s mercy

What do you do when the inconceivable happens and forgiveness seems impossible? Can
you trust the Lord who promises to judge righteously? Hear of God’s intervention into the
lives of two different families that encountered sins most of us would consider too horrific to
be forgiven. Learn how the depth and breadth of the Lord’s mercy becomes the key to…

Better than gold

Discover how Olympians Elana and Judy discovered a prize better than the gold medal. After a
tragic accident left Judy a quadriplegic, depression tried to rob her of her dreams and
purpose. A performance-driven life left Elana hopeless and exhausted when the end
results were not what she’d expected. Don’t miss these two courageous stories of discovering
the greater prize…

Are you there, God? Do you hear me?

Have you ever asked the question, “What did I ever do to deserve this?” Karen did, over and over.  Her life was filled with trauma and drama including domestic abuse, her mother’s suicide, addiction, and severed relationships. Anger and guilt consumed her until she surrendered all to Christ. Listen to Karen’s story and discover how to be released from the…

Mercy, hope and a future through Jesus

Discover how both Marsha and Tony found the forgiveness of God right where they were—in prison! The pain from Marsha’s past created so much anger it spilled over in the most horrific ways. Tony was smart, yet he made some really poor decisions. Don’t miss these two remarkable stories of overcoming the past to walk into a better future with Jesus…

Comfort only our Father can give

Unfortunately, broken homes are all too common today. But in the midst of the pain that comes from a family torn apart, God can intervene to heal broken hearts. When Stephen’s father left home, those left behind learned to rely on God to be their provider, husband, and father. Hear Stephen’s courageous story and find new intimacy with God.


The persecution was real

In many parts of the world, men and women must practice their religion in secret—in order to stay alive. Francis’s church in Uganda was forced underground after thousands of Christians were massacred. Bassim and his family fled war-torn Iraq to seek a better future. Hear both men tell their dramatic story of escape from religious persecution and how God moved…

No greater love

The Bible tells us “There’s no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” That’s the kind of love Carl Powers exhibited during the Korean War when he turned down chance after chance to return home to the safety of the United States. Hear how Carl’s risky decision to bring an impoverished Korean teen named Billy to the…

“I didn’t think I’d live to see 21”

Imagine living your life with the expectation that you won’t make it past twenty-one… sure that you’ll be killed in the street by a rival gang member. That’s exactly how D.A. believed he would die--that is, until he found out what it truly means to live.  Hear how D.A went from the streets to salvation in Jesus Christ… and be inspired by…

Finding peace in the midst of war

As a World War II soldier serving in France, Henry survived a devastating injury and imprisonment. Don't miss this harrowing story of Henry’s escape from a POW camp and how a dying man’s last words spurred this American soldier to consider eternity. Discover how the power of prayer and a God who intervenes can impact your own journey.

A love that restores

Isaiah chapter 61 promises that the Lord will provide comfort for those who mourn and restore broken lives with “a crown of beauty instead of ashes.” Both Beckie and Barbara Jean’s hearts had been deeply wounded by abuse and shame. Discover how their lives were transformed through Jesus Christ and how they found healing and freedom from the past.