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Trusting God through the unexpected

When unexpected circumstances knock you down, you're usually able to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. But when those events blindside you so severely you can’t get back up on your own, where do you turn for help? Randy never imagined his 31-year marriage and his lifelong career would end in the same month. And Rob never expected to…

Learning to trust

Robyn drifted throughout life searching for love, fulfillment and purpose. She finally found it when she committed her life to Jesus. But when it felt as though every time she was happy those dear to her were ripped away, Robyn would have to decide if God was trustworthy in spite of her circumstances.

Discover how you can experience the brilliance of…

Trusting God to lead

Psalm 143:8 tells us, “Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put
my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I entrust my life."
 That verse
resonates with both Jill and Sabine—and perhaps with you, too—when we consider the
challenge it can be for some of us to relinquish…

“God lay our plane down gently”

“Please brace for impact!” When Chris and Karin heard those words from the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549, fear struck. Still, Karin immediately began to pray. Miraculously they survived the emergency landing on New York City’s Hudson River. Be inspired by the faith of a couple who relied on God’s strength in the midst of a disaster and in…

Will my faith sustain me?

For Karen and Mark, sharing a hospital room on their second wedding anniversary was not how they envisioned they would celebrate this special day. The recurrence of her husband’s cancer and the discovery that she had leukemia would test her beliefs to the core, leading her to ask, “Is my faith real? Will it sustain me through this painful journey?” Discover the power of God to bring peace even in the midst of hardship and heartache.

"I need a Jesus like that!" – John and Anna's Story

John had heard about various religions throughout his life and believed they were “all good” as long
as they let him live life his way. John and his wife, Anna, describe how the truth of God’s Word pierced their hearts and transformed their lives and marriage.

“I need a Jesus like that!”–John and Anna’s Story

John had heard about Jesus Christ several times throughout his life. But he never understood the difference between religion and a relationship with God. Find hope and encouragement as you listen to John and his wife, Anna, describe how the truth of God’s Word pierced their hearts and transformed their lives and marriage.

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